Top Tips for Relocating with your Child in Florida

  1. Talk to an attorney earlier. These are VERY fact specific cases and NOT something that should be done without a lawyer.
  2. If you are relocating for work, have your documentation of your new employment in writing and in hand.
  3. Come up with a plan for how and when the child(ren) will see the other parent and who is going to pay for the cost.
  4. If the other parent has had substantial time with the child, be prepared to give up a majority of your school break time to the other parent.
  5. The other parent’s failure to pay child support can be considered in relocation.
  6. Make sure you are doing everything you can to facilitate a relationship with the other parent – it is a major factor for judges to consider in a relocation.
  7. Do your homework on the new location. Know about the crime rate, housing cost, and school grades.
  8. Do not underestimate how difficult relocations are. This is one of the toughest things to accomplish in family Court in most cases.
  9. See if there is any way to negotiate the relocation with the other parent; see #9 – if you get an agreement the Judge will not have to decide but you STILL need to file for relocation.
  10. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT move without the other parent’s written consent and new parenting plan OR a Court Order. This will be held against you.

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